NASA Building 135 - May 2017

Demolition and Removal of Vertical Lift Engine Test Facility and Bridge Removal

Promedica Building Toledo - June 2016

Selective Demolition Slate Roof & East Brick Wall salvage Historical components for reuse, Disassemble/ Removal of two 210’ Smoke Stack; Maintaining Structural integrity of existing building to be renovated

ODOT 140532 Route 20 Right of way Widening - June 2016

Route 20 Right of way Widening Acquisition of 19 parcels included Asbestos Abatement, Demolition and Remediation

ODOT 150086 - June 2015

Demolition of Residential units & previous Akron Water Department Maintenance Facility as part of IR76/77 Reconstruction

Ohio Turnpike Gibson Rd Bridge Demolition - June 2015

Complete Deck Removal from Gibson Road above Ohio Turnpike

ODOT 150022 Deck Removals over SR 18/Railroad - May 2015

Complete Bridge deck removal over SR 18 & Railroad

Ida Street Bridge Rehabilitation Cincinnati - July 2014

Complete removal of Parapet Walls, Cantilevered Walks & partial deck Removal 450’ double span Concrete Arch Bridge

ODOT 138045, William Street Garage Demolition - May 2014

Asbestos Abatement & Demolition 9 Residential Homes Newark

ODOT 120380, Bridge Replacement - Sept 2013

Removal of concrete bridge deck, piers and end walls

GCRTA Tunnel Rehab - March 2013

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Repaired vertical & overhead concrete delamination’s utilizing shotcrete and trowel applied mortars. Concrete crack repairs included epoxy injection, urethane injection and urethane sealant repairs.

Fremont Vanguard Technical School Demolition - August 2012

Partial Demolition of Existing Technical wing

Shaw Building, 116-122 N Main Street - July 2012

Demolition of 3 commercial buildings Downtown Fostoria

City of Toledo, Doehler Jarvis - April 2012

Demolition and cleanup former Doehler Jarvis Smead property. Sealed Concrete Retaining Wall

NASA B135 Structure Removal

Promedica Smokestack Demolition

150086 IR76/77 Reconstruction Akron City Garage Demolition

150022 Bridge Demolition St Rt 18 Bridge Demolition

OTC Gibson Rd. Bridge Demolition

Ida Street Bridge